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The Good Knight Child Empowerment Network, Inc. (GKCEN") and the Assoication of Retired Police Officers Division works with a coalition of dedicated individuals, volunteers, businesses, organizations, and government agencies to protect children through a grassroots awareness campaign.

"GKCEN" is a 501(c)3 non-profit public service organization and was founded in 1985 by a group of retired law enforcement and military officers. The Network is dedicated to empowering children and adults to become champions, active citizens and protectors through education.

Through the use of the Good Knight Shield of Protection Program, an interactive presentation and multi-cultural knighthood theme, GKCEN entrusts "Good Knights" with a quest to stay safe, aware and to protect themselves. Kids and adults are taught to recognize the ten basic psychological deceptions (formatted in letters A-J for easy memory recall) that people with negative intentions use to deceive and lure children into a false sense of trust so that they can manipulate, abduct and/or harm them. These are the same deceptions that are used on children and adults over the internet, telephone or in person. The program empowers all participants, instills great sense of self esteem and a desire to help others. Youth who participate in this empowerment program go on to protect others by sharing the lifesaving message of the "ABC's of Protection."

This improves character development skills by fostering volunteerism, good citizenship and a greater sense of community. Hours accrued presenting the GKCEN program can be used towards community service hours needed to meet graduation requirements and to earn Presidential Volunteer Awards.

Knight & Child

"You never stand so tall or soar so high as when you stoop to help a child..."