Empowerment through awareness, leadership and experience.

We are a grassroots awareness initiative!

We are devoted to empowering youth with the message of self protection. Our staff of extraordinary volunteers works tirelessly to pass along the ABC's of Safety to kids of all generations. Each person that receives our safety materials is asked to share what they have learned with a minimum of ten more people. With this formula in place since the onset of our program we have been able to reach over 21 million families nationwide.

Our Awesome Sponsors!

We have been so blessed with the help of benevolent businesses and organizations throughout our 30 years of serving families. We highly recommend each and every one of them. Not just because they helped us, but because the business owners of these establishments truly care about their community, their employees and their customers. To them, quality and care are at the forefront of every action and the bottom line takes a backseat.

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Excuse our site---Under Construction!

Please excuse our website's current condition. We are in the process of streamlining our site to a Wordpress theme with educational products store. Some of the old pages will be missing for a while until we have the chance to rework the content via Wordpress. Rest assured we will be back up completely soon. Thank you for your patience!


  • "This program is like a vaccination against negativity. I know my kids will be exposed to potentially dangerous situations in their lives, but after experiencing...
  • "I was astounded to learn the ABC's of Safety. I realized that I wasn't telling my kids everything they needed to know. This is the COMPLETE package." thank you...

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