144,000 Acts of Kindness Challenge

Welcome to the “144,000 Acts of Kindness” Positivity Challenge!

Help Michaela’s message reach the world!

The Good Knight Network is proud to sponsor Michaela Victoria’s Kindness challenge. The goal is to place 144,000 Positivity Charms with people scattered across the globe who are willing to pass the them on to others as a simple Act of Kindness and reminder to think, speak and act positively. This is Princess Michaela’s third challenge in her fourteen years of life (see more below).

Michaela’s third and current challenge is a direct result of all the global discord this child has witnessed on the news and through her research for school assignments – climate change, environmental issues, C8 poisoning, political unrest, just to name a few. Her goal is to Help Open People’s Eyes so they realize that positive thoughts, words and actions are the only true weapon to balance the unrest.

On January 6, 2020 Michaela Victoria launched the 144,000 Acts Of Kindness Positivity Challenge with the promise to spread enlightenment by passing out golden nugget positivity charms representing her heart’s unconditional love. Michaela loves seeing the energy come over people when they receive a positivity charm. To date, the challenge has already spread over 8,000 Positivity Charms to sponsors and businesses to help get them out to the public.

How to join the challenge: 

If you wish to make a donation to the charity and have Positivity Charms distributed by our project volunteers, hit the yellow PayPal donate button below. In the comments section of the PayPal donation page please let us know if you have a preference as to where around the world you would like Charms or Pendants sent.

Click on the blue order here link below if you are interested in ordering Charms and Pendants that you would like to personally send out. All shipping will be handled by SoSophia and Good Knight University.

  1. If you are ordering charms to personally pass out to friends, family and those you pass on the street – Order Here
  2. If you would like to become a sponsor of one or more charms by donating via PayPal, our volunteers will pass out the charms you sponsor.
  3. If you wish to become a Business or Community Hero, you can sponsor a
    10-pack: five Charms and five Pendants, for $50.00 plus shipping.

The Science Behind the Challenge:

Using Quantum Physics to spread Positive Reasoning is on the cutting edge of research about the powers of the mind and how it can interact with the energy of the Universe.

In school, we all learned that after the Big Bang, the gas and heat of the expanding universe formed stars that created light particles and waves known as atoms. All matter is made of a combination of the 118 elements on the periodic table. In short, we are all made up of stardust, but we wonder what made these atoms come together to form so many different things. In the science of Quantum Mechanics it has been found that certain subatomic particles shot from a high power laser switches to a wave pattern in a laboratory whenever brain waves of an observer focuses on the experiment. This can only mean one thing, certain particles in the atoms have awareness of self, it’s surroundings and can therefore interact when confronted with the human mind.

To test the theory a team fifty-two certified Reiki Practitioners gathered from around the world in a Facebook group to focus their mental willpower on creating a global grid of positive energy that would counter-balance the current trend of using negative reasoning to solve our problems. Experimenting with the elements of gold, silver, copper, air, water, fire, and laser light it was found that the energy of unconditional love and positivity could be placed into a quartz crystal infused with these items. It then because a device which when coming in contact with the energy field of a human it acts like a beacon pulling the needed pure loving energy from the universe. It’s the same principal a meditation or prayer group applies when sending healing to people. However, in this case the energy is physically radiating from a semiprecious crystal beacon which is carried by the recipient.

Each device is a time capsule starting with the date on a copper U.S. penny. Over President Lincoln’s heart is printed a X-kiss or O-hug as the “Good Luck” Penny is then sealed behind a glass lens on one side and with a rhinestone or eye mounted in resin on the other. After being sculpted into the desired shape the Charm is coated with a balanced blend of 24k Gold and Silver. A gold ribbon in the shape of a “V” for Victory and the numbered Mandala instruction card is added then sealed it the protective plastic pouch.

Over the past 34 years over 14,000 test beacons were buried, submerged, or given to those in need, resulting in amazing outcomes. It has been proven that the universe is structured to respond to humanity’s needs if we know how to mentally make the request. Michaela Victoria has wisely made the request, now all we have to do is help her see it through.







Michaela with Sir Edward Jagen annual guest on Jim Bohannon Talk Radio

Michaela’s first challenge
was at age four when she took on the persona of “SuperKid” on the quest to spread her ABC’s of Protection program to 144,000 youth mentors in public school. She asked other kids to help protect their friends and families by learning the ten tricks people use to lure children in to unsafe situations.


Michaela’s second challenge at age ten was “Bundles of Love” where she challenged people to see with their hearts and act more humane towards one another especially as it pertained to the plight of the homeless. Michaela created a BOL club at GKCEN and then a chapter at her school. She then challenged other schools to create clubs like hers. Read more about BOLC here .











Michaela’s mother Sophia West, a renown author, integrative health therapist and Reiki Master, taught her at a very young age how to use the power of the mind to channel life force energy to heal others. Growing up at the Good Knight Castle Museum also exposed her to the many Quantum Physics experiments that Sir Edward, the charity’s founder, applied to interactive exhibits; in particular the exhibit on crystals and learning how to send healing through a programmed golden crystal. 

In asking Sir Edward to break it down in layman’s terms he said, “In short Michaela learned how to use her mental awareness and lasers to shoot light particles (photons) through a clear Quartz Crystal point. This process stimulates the atoms in the crystal and light particles, photons, then group together in mass on the surface of the crystal. She then focuses her thoughts on the Photons as she transfers her intent for the crystal to radiate positivity and unconditional love.”

When the beacon is passed to someone, the individual’s electromagnetic energy activates the device and they absorb the pure ”White Light” loving energy. Although the energy is felt immediately, for most people it takes about twenty-one days to bring balance.