Mary Cascio-Chairwoman

Ms. Cascio began volunteering with the charity in 1991. She serves as a program presenter, actress, and magician at the Good Knight Museum. She has continuously been elected Chairwoman of the organization since 1996. Her responsibilities include, administration and management of budgetary decisions; development and maintain efficient organization of personnel and office systems, perform general accounting and bookkeeping duties, assist in all aspects of coordinating, supervising and implementing educational seminars for children; consult on creation and development of new programs; perform community outreach activities and supervise volunteers.

Leonard Malinowski-President

Mr. Malinowski began volunteering with the charity in 2000. He is the National Coordinator of the Good Knight Homeland Security Youth Mentoring Coalition and head of the Association of Retired Police Officers Division maintaining liasion with all law enforcement nationwide. He is a Senior Program Presenter and trainer. He serves as an actor and magician at the Good Knight Museum.

Mr. Malinowski served for four years in the United States Air Force then became a Baltimore County Police Officer. He retired with the rank of Major after 20 years of service. He has an educational background in psychology with a Bachelor’s Degree in Police Science. His professional experience includes being an instructor at the Commander Training Academy, Director of Budget Operations, Commander of Internal Affairs, Commander of Personnel Division, Project Management, Community Relations, Undercover Intelligence Officer and Detective (burglary).

Mr. Malinowski applies his management and coordination skills as President of the charity and an assistant with all programs and grants as well as a presenter of the Good Knight Programs.

Leah Robinson-Vice President

Ms. Robinson began volunteering with the charity in 1990. Her responsibilities have varied from acting as a volunteer Public Relations Coordinator to coordinating our United Way Campaigns to presenting Good Knight Programs at schools and at the Good Knight Museum. She has assisted with the media advocacy of the organization. She has also been responsible for the implementation of grants issued through the United Way to schools within the District of Columbia.

June Sevilla-Treasurer
Ms. Sevilla has volunteered with the charity since 1990.. As she states, “My greatest passion is to keep children safe.” She has dedicated her time and effort in the arena of crime prevention education for children of all ages. For this effort, Bell Atlantic (now Verizon) awarded her the Chairman’s award for Community Involvement. She currently serves as Secretary. This former Miss Philippines, fashion and advertising model is also a published poet and playwright. Utilizing first hand experience in non-traditional jobs in corporate America, she co-authored a made-for TV drama-comedy called “It’s About Time!” which presents women’s issues, family concerns, and ethnic diversity as positive images in the media.

Jacqueline Cooper- Secretary
Ms. Cooper has been a volunteer with the charity since 1987. She has served in both positions of Vice President Treasurer of the organization since 1990. She is a senior program coordinator, lecturer and actress at the Good Knight Museum.
Ms. Cooper has held a variety of positions within the organization to include In-kind Procurement Manager, Program Development Director, Educational Outreach Specialist and Grant Writer. Ms. Cooper has been awarded a number of distinctions throughout her career to include the J.C. Penny Golden Rule Award and being awarded with a Volunteer of the Year Award.

Jayne DeVane-Director of Volunteer Outreach

Ms. DeVane has been a volunteer with the Network since 2001. She coordiantes all volunteer activity at the Good Knight Museum and oversees the planting and maintenance of the gardens, labyrinth and waterfalls. She is a senior program presenter, accomplished magician and actress.

Twenty-five years of progressive experience in health-related fields. Focus has been on integrative approaches to include nutritional management of autoimmune and chronic conditions, in/out patient diabetes management, counseling, program development and marketing, and corporate health promotion. ADA Registered Dietitian*MS in Exercise Physiology*Certified Diabetes Educator*Reiki/Cranial Sacral Practitioner.

Robert Vrbensky-Director of Buildings and Grounds Operations

Mr. Vrbensky commenced volunteering with the charity in 1994. In 1996, Mr. Vrbensky became an Assistant Project Coordinator. His responsibilities included conducting safety programs and other educational seminars, designing and constructing exhibits at the Good Knight Museum and supervising volunteers associated with programs implementation. In 1999, Mr. Vrbensky became the Director of Buildings and Grounds for the Good Knight Museum. Responsibility for this position includes developing the overall vision of the exhibit design, collection of materials necessary for the design, and development of the volunteer base for the manifestation of the exhibits. He has also been involved with the administration and implementation of grants related to Good Knight Program presentations. Mr. Vrbensky’s background includes a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology. He has skills and training in crisis intervention as well as in various integrative health fields. He has worked for a variety of companies in the areas of engineering and electrical support. He has also worked at a hospital in Michigan as a Psychiatric Technician where he worked closely with adults and adolescents in crisis situations and directed groups dealing with depression, grief and loss, by using problem solving, anger management, drug prevention education and relaxation techniques.

Sophia Key West-Volunteer Chief of Staff & Museum Curator
A.K.A.–“Snow White Queen of the Good Knights”

Sophia West is the mother of three children. She has an educational and professional background in traditional and holistic medicine. She began volunteering 15-20 hours per week for the charity in 1994. In 2001 she became a full time volunteer Chief of Staff giving 40-80 hours+ per week. Among her duties she is one of the Chief Program Presenters, magician, lecturer, member of the emergency response dispatch team and media liaison. Sophia founded the “Mothers In Action” (formally Mothers Against Predators) grassroots awareness initiative in 2004 in an effort to educate parents and children with the knowledge needed to stay safe and secure.

Sophia dedicated herself to the Good Knight Deception Awareness Program to help children and parents attain this knowledge due to a personal history of trauma. At that point Sophia felt that she not only had to safeguard her children, entire family and friends from any other predators, but also empower all children with the knowledge and awareness for self-protection. “I honor my children by protecting all children worldwide in their name and in the names of the children everywhere whose innocence was robbed. To this I vow,” says Sophia.

Toward these goals, she founded Mothers In Action, (M.I.A.), an initiative dedicated to making all citizens aware of the behavior patterns of bullies and criminal predators predators. She played a central role in having the program’s literature and videos translated into Spanish, strengthening the organization’s multicultural outreach, and uniting communities to protect their most vulnerable members: children. With these translations, the Good Knight program has reached an additional eight million individuals, bringing the total readership and viewers to eighteen million worldwide.

Sophia West is a child-abuse survivor, a caring mother, and a hero. She has committed her life to saving the lives of as many children as possible, preventing them from what she and her child endured — and saving parents from the nightmare and heartache of having their child suffer. From her base at the Good Knight Magic Castle in Beltsville, MD, Sophia travels throughout the nation, lecturing and presenting the Good Knight Program at schools, festivals, and conventions. In working to protect children everywhere, Sophia West is a true Good Knight.

For her years of service to the children of her community and the world, Sophia received the Volvo for Life Hometown Hero Award two years in a row, the Volunteer of the Year Award from the Governor of Maryland and the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award from President George Bush. Through her tireless efforts, Sophia has claimed victory for the forces of good.