The Good Knight Angelic Kingdom museum complex is expanding and the charity may have to sell the Beltsville, Maryland property to subsidize the move. The 2.03 acre parcel is currently Zone RR with 501-c3 non-profit tax exempt status. Development in the area slates the property for construction of an apartment building, a swim/Athletic complex, a church or school, but could potentially be rezoned for more commercial development.

History: The Good Knight Child Empowerment Network, a 501-c3 non-profit is seeking to relocate to a larger property in southern Maryland, to better serve the growing needs of the public. With the support our Beltsville neighbors and hundreds of volunteers over the past twenty-five years, the network reached reach over twenty million families nationwide with the Good Knight -crime and violence prevention programs, saving countless lives and heartache.

The proposed expansion project will cost $8 million, so the charity is considering selling the Beltsville property. This move will also allow developers in the area to continue with the commercial and residential developments of the area. The charity will consider all reasonable offers. Contact: Sophia West at: 301-595-8989, or email for more information.