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Calling all interested persons!

The Global T.A.L.K. Board of Advisors is meeting on Wednesday March 1st at 3:30pm to coordinate this multifaceted empowerment program. If you are interested in helping the Good Knight Network positively address the escalating problem with Intolerance in our society, please contact us at 301-595-8989. The meeting will be held at the Good Knight Castle Museum and we will offer a virtual webinar option as well.


Intolerance in society is escalating in epidemic proportions. To take steps in the direction of reversing this negative rise, we will launch a new and innovative program taking place in Beltsville, MD.

Beginning in 2017 with the opening of the “Walk Your T.A.L.K.” exhibit at the Good Knight Castle Museum, GKCEN will be the springboard to a worldwide effort showcasing the oneness of humanity through core emotional development training.

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