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the Good Knight child empowerment network (GCKEN)

Our mission is empowerment through awareness, leadership and experience.

Our goals are to teach critical thinking, leadership, life skills, self protection and self expression through exposure to the safety techniques, technology, art, music, literature and the environment.

We want to help create a more cohesive generation of youth and adults who understand that diversity is the beauty and adventure of life.

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"GKCEN is fostering a more empowered and more enlightened generation."



"Through GKCEN, I have been able to discover myself deeply and completely."



"Can you say heaven on earth? The Castle is filled with positive experiences.


It all started with one man's life mission...

Sir Edward-Michael Jagen is a US Army veteran, retired Washginton DC Police Intelligence Investigator, and dedicated child abuse protection advocate. He is the author of the Good Knight fairytale series, and the Good Knight Criime and Violence Prevention Program, which has been used in the national public school systems as a child protection teaching tool.  After being dubbed the Blue Knight of Maryland by the Governor, he set out on a quest to educate children with the wisdom to protect themselves from whose who would try to manipulate, decieve, and/or abduct them.

Over the past 30 years, Sir Edward and his Angel Knight volunteers have reached millions nationwide. For his many years of public service, he has been awarded The National Jefferson "Gold Medal" Award, the President's Service Award for Public Safety, the Maryland Governor's Award for Volunteerism and received the Silver Star for bravery after being inducted into the American Police Hall of Fame.

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