Archangel Michael's Power of Love iNitiative

Do you know someone bringing light into the world? Would you like to honor them with a token of your appreciation that is also energized to continue to bring them good fortune?

You can do that by nominating them and making a donation towards a Coin of Destiny on their behalf!  Choose your quantity below, and make a difference in a lightbearer's life today!


Power of Love Initiative

To activate the coin, hold it in your hand face up. Press down hard on the center gold Ankh button until the image makes an imprint on your finger. Now touch the finger to your forehead to awaken the subconscious mind.

Feel a calm “Knowing” move through your body. To show awareness, speak the Angel’s coin number three times. By doing this and acknowledging the angel

You and the Angel have become a force of positivity ready to move about spreading love and balanced energy everywhere you journey. Call on the angel of light in times of darkness.

Give a coin to those in need and to those you believe can support the overall mission.


The “Coin of Destiny” that Princess Michaela-Victoria created is a priceless Quantum device powered by a subatomic blend of silver and gold. When used in concert with the Ankh/crystal grid, laser, or sunlight particles and human intention/emotion, positive intentions manifest. The coins are numbered, making them the ultimate collectible. Furthermore, since they cannot be purchased, they must be earned by setting in motion a golden Act of Kindness intended to inspire a miracle in the life of another person.