Frequently Asked Questions Your Website Visitors Are Thinking:

About You:

Client is asking themselves, “Can I relate to you? and Can I trust you?”
– How did you get into ___?
– How long have you been doing ___?
– How did you get to be an expert in ___?
– What makes you an expert in ___?
– How are you different than other experts in ___?
– What types of people do you work best with? Who do you not work well with?
– Who are you, what do you like to do, what are you passionate about, what is your story, what’s your why?

About Your Products, Services, & Programs:

Client is asking themselves, “Can you really help me? and Will this really work?”
– Who are your other clients?
– Have you ever worked with someone like me? In my industry? With my problem?
– Do you have a team? (Will you be passing me off to a stranger or will I be working with you? Am I going to get the help I need?)
– What products, services, and programs do you offer?
– What does the product or service do? What does it include?
– How is this product or service different than others?
– What is your process?
– How do I know which product or service is right for me?
– Who is the product or service not right for?
– Does your service or product really work?
– How long will it take me to see results? What is a typical timeline?
– How much time will I have to invest?
– How long will the results last?
– How will we work together? How is the product packaged (is it physical, digital, video, written, do I get it all at once or a little at a time, etc?)
– Does your product or service really work?
– What results did other people get after working with you?
– Will I recover my investment?

About Product/Service Details:

Client is asking themselves, “Can I relate to you? and Can I trust you?”
– What are my options to get started with you?
– What types of payments do you take?
– Do you have payment programs?
– Do you have any discounts, or bonuses I can qualify for?
– Can I sample your program for free or do you have an inexpensive trial?
– What if it doesn’t work? Can I get my money back?Do you have a return policy or guarantee?
– Do you have references from past clients?
– How do we get started?