What does it mean to be a Good Knight?

Welcome to the Good Knight Child Empowerment Network!


We are a 100% volunteer organization founded in 1985 by retired law enforcement officials dedicated to protecting the innocent. Through the years we have grown into a multifaceted network of devoted volunteers working with community conscious citizens from around the globe with emphasis on the United States and Latin America.

Our focus is upon the empowerment of the children of the world…the little ones and the big ones ages 1-144!

In our infancy we developed a program to teach children and parents how to recognize the human behavior traits that people with ill intent use, either subtly or overtly, to psychologically manipulate others; otherwise known as the “ABC’s of Safety.” These 10 simple lessons are at the core of our programs, publications and safety materials. Vulnerability and opportunity are the two key elements that someone of negative intent will need on their side in order to gain the trust and control of their intended victim. Through the awareness our life saving lessons we replace the vulnerability factor with empowerment.

Over the years of traveling the nation presenting programs we have added elements of character development, conflict resolution, bully prevention, critical thinking and life skills through exposure to technology, art, music, literature and the environment. Our Five Fingers of Bully Prevention is another core element of our program. Using the Hand of Empowerment as a visual, these five easy to remember tips help to prevent, diffuse and/or report incidents of bullying.

All our programs have mnemonic lessons for easy memory recall and experiential learning.


The Good Knight creed

I dare to be a good knight,

I dare to stand alone.

I dare to have a purpose bold,

I dare to make it known.

Honor, wisdom, and courage

together are my creed.

As a humble  peaceful warrior

I am sure to succeed.

Chi WOW!