Welcome to the 144,000 Acts of Kindness’ Quantum Leap Challenge!

If you would like to be a “Quantum Leap” volunteer, gifting challenge packets to those in need, please register as a member on the 144,000 AOK group on Facebook. There you can review how the gifting procedure works. We have members from around and the world on the page to help, so feel free to ask any questions.

While you are here however, you might want read history of how the challenge came about, how it works, and where we are going with it. Also if you wish to make a donation to help create and keep the Q-Gold Nuggets flowing in to the hands of the volunteers, we thank you!




The “Quantum Leap Challenge”

 By Sir Edward Michael Jagen, Facebook page Administrator

The AOK challenges were established by volunteer youth mentor Michael-Victoria West (age 14). Her first challenge launched over 11 years ago, when she took on the persona of SuperKid for GKCEN, announcing the “Great American Challenge.” The goal of that first challenge, was to encourage youth in all 50 United States to become Good Knight volunteers, helping to protect all children.

Each new knight was given a SuperBook and bilingual DVD, the ABC’s of Protection, with instructions to teach a minimum of ten other children. With the support of the National Public-School System, the U.S. Navy, and a grant from DOJJ, it is estimated that Good Knight volunteers went on to reach over 20 million families worldwide!

Princess Michaela, as the GKCEN volunteers call her, has an ultimate goal in life is to become a Quantum Physics Engineer and Neuroscientist. She feels the brain holds all the secrets of universe once we unlock and master its full potential.

Michaela was greatly inspired in 2017 when she was selected to receive a “Scholars Award” from Dr. Ben Carson for her work providing Bundles of Love to the homeless. The Bundles of Love Club (BOLC) was her second challenge. Michaela organized kids to form BOLC chapters in their hometowns. Club members spend time gathering donated food, clothing and personal hygiene products, wrapping everything together in blanket "bundle" for delivery. It was after Michaela received Carson Award gold medal and hearing Dr. Carson speak that she had an epiphany. She saw how we must look for additional ways to help God work through other people, because “giving and receiving gold has a positive uplifting effect on the spirit and human psyche.”

Michaela began to put that vision to the test. She applied all she had learned about transferring “chi” (life force energy) and emotion, and began creating crystal beacons filled with unconditional love. With the formula in place, Michaela and her team began giving 24k gold covered nuggets away. The nugget packets had instructions explaining that the "Q- Gold" contained a special energy of good fortune that combines with the specific needs of the person holding it. Once the owner focuses on it, the nugget becomes a beacon, attracting healing and prosperity.

Immediately after the gifting of nuggets began, volunteers started reporting that those who had received Q-gold nuggets were experiencing positive effects and asking if they could give gold nuggets to help people they knew. It was at that point Michaela’s third challenge, the 144,000 Acts of Kindness “Quantum Leap” was born.


The Science Behind the 4th Project:

What Michaela’s initial social experiment demonstrates is the phenomenon known as "the placebo effect" or "placebo response."

Only in the past few years have scientists developed the tools to directly investigate how placebos work with the human brain. It’s been found that a placebo causes the brain to release opioids, a chemical produced by the body to relieve pain and stress. Placebos improve a patient's condition simply because the person has the expectation that it will be a helpful cure or solve a particular problem -  because they are looking for a positive outcome. Many psychologists and neurologists believe that a non-invasive placebo actually distracts the conscious mind, allowing the subconscious brain the time it needs to secrete chemicals that will heal, and allowing positive reasoning skills to kick in to problem solve. Studies have shown that placebos work 40%- 70% of the time, and in some cases they work faster than conventional treatments. The mental equation underlying placebos seems to be: mind over matter. or that perception forms individual reality.

The Test:

In this case, the elements Au/Gold, Ag/Silver, Cu/Copper and Quartz Crystal dust is infused onto the surface of mineral nuggets with positive loving energy/intent. Yes, thought is energy and can be directed. (I won’t get into the quantum physics applied - just know that everything, you included, are made up of vibrating subatomic light particles and some electrons which have conscious awareness when they come in contact with human brainwaves.)

Two Q-Gold Nuggets are placed in a plastic pouch with two instruction cards explaining how the placebo effect works. The card requests that the second nugget be gifted to someone else in need. The project is using Facebook as a free resource to gather, communicate and document data/info with volunteers around the country. Over 8,000 packets were placed before the virus shut the world down. The findings were that every participant given the placebo experienced more than one positive occurrence within 21 days. We found that 60% of the recipients asked for more nuggets to help others in need.

While in quarantine, with plenty of time to think about the project, many volunteers felt that the success of Quantum Leap Challenge test should be brought to the attention of President Trump as a nonpartisan gesture to bring Americans together though a youth movement spreading H.O.P.E. (Helping Open People’s Eye’s) to the power they possess inside their minds.

Three years after Michaela received her initial Carson Award, she was invited again to the 2020 Carson Scholar Awards in Baltimore. Feeling it was a sign that the challenge had gone full circle, Michaela was planning to speak to Dr. Carson at the event asking if he felt the experiment’s concept had enough merit enough to be brought to the attention of President Trump. However, in April the banquet was canceled - another “victim” of the virus. Not one to let a Nocebo, like the COVID-19, win Michaela sent Dr. Carson a note explaining her plight and inviting him to review the history written here for his assessment.

The project is funded through public donations, business sponsorships and a Good Knight Golden auction held once a month on Facebook. An art designer in her own right, Michaela oversees a production team that creates golden treasures using the quantum formula. These precious objects represent ancient artifacts the lost Treasury of Atlantis and are sold to the highest bidder. Proceeds received are used to create and place more nuggets and beacons of unconditional love around the World.

I will post updates as the project moves forward.  - Sir Edward Michael Jagen