Welcome to the 144,000 Acts of Kindness’ May the world Be as ONE Challenge!

Welcome to the Game of Love! 

Hopefully you saw Michaela Victoria's (45 sec) Call to Action video. If so, Great! We encourage you now review the (3 minute) video above with a complete explanation of the challenge and a bit about the Quantum science that goes into the creation of these 24k Q-gold nuggets. If you choose to play, you will help create miracles for many.

If you would like to join us as a participant in the Game of Love there three ways you can help.

  • First - by obtaining a challenge kit with an Archangel Stone and Q-gold nugget for donation of $22.00. This puts you in the game! The AA-stone represents you. The instruction card and nugget you should be passed on to someone in need. With that good deed done prosperity is on its way. 
  • Second - if you want to pass more nuggets out, then obtain a challenge pack with 8 packets of two nuggets each, for $20. You then gift each packet with both nuggets to someone special asking the person to follow the instructions on the card. If you join 144,000 Acts of Kindness on Facebook you can record your good deeds via posts or pictorial form. There you can also review different ways of how the gifting procedure works. We have members from around the world on the page who can help, so feel free to ask any questions.
  • Third - if you want to help reach those in need but don't have time to pass out nuggets, then donate $20 to the Good Knight Network for one of our volunteers to pass out the nuggets.

All options are a donation to GKCEN through PayPal below

While you are here however, you might want read the history below of how the challenge came about, how it works, and where we are going with it.

May the World Be As One Game Pieces

The “May the World Be as ONE” Challenge

 By Sir Edward Michael Jagen, Facebook page Administrator

The AOK challenges were established by volunteer youth mentor Michaela-Victoria West (age 14). Her first challenge launched over 11 years ago, when she took on the persona of SuperKid for GKCEN, announcing the “Great American Challenge.” The goal of that first challenge, was to encourage youth in all 50 United States to become Good Knight volunteers, helping to protect all children.

Each new knight was given a SuperBook and bilingual DVD, the ABC’s of Protection, with instructions to teach a minimum of ten other children. With the support of the National Public-School System, the U.S. Navy, and a grant from DOJJ, it is estimated that Good Knight volunteers went on to reach over 20 million families worldwide!

Princess Michaela, as GKCEN volunteers call her, has an ultimate goal in life to become a Quantum Physics Engineer, Chemist, and Neuroscientist. She feels the brain holds all the secrets of universe once we unlock and master its full potential.

The Bundles of Love Club (BOLC) was her second challenge which officially began in 2015. Michaela organized kids to form BOLC chapters in their hometowns. Club members spend time gathering donated food, clothing and personal hygiene products, wrapping everything together in blanket "bundle" for delivery.

It was during this effort that she became interested in Quantum Physics and Neuroscience experimenting with giving golden crystal nuggets to the homeless as a beacons of prosperity. She found that 75% of the recipients receiving the Q-gold had unexplained, out of the ordinary positive things begin to happen in their lives.

With that success Michaela launched a third challenge -144,000 Acts of Kindness, where two gold nuggets with instruction card packets were given to individuals in need. Using Facebook to organize a beta group of fifty volunteers, the group began placing packets as positivity placebos with people within the U.S. and sixteen countries around the world. The recipients of the packets were instructed to keep one nugget as a beacon attracting prosperity and to pass the second nugget and card to another person in need. Immediately after the gifting of nuggets began, volunteers started reporting that those who had received Q-gold nuggets were experiencing positive effects and asking if they could give gold nuggets to help people they knew.

In working with Good Knight volunteers around the world putting together a global tapestry of people with gold nuggets in place, Michaela and her team began exploring other uses for the Q-Gold devices. With many volunteers in the state of Florida plagued by tropical storms and hurricanes she organized a special prayer/meditation group to use Q-gold devices in mind over matter experiments to steer weather systems away from populated areas. The quantum theory was as simple as when a small child focuses on melting a cloud in the sky. The science behind that "simple" act was the use of the electrons in human thoughts to interface with the electrons in the water vapor which changed the structure of the clouds.

This lead to Michaela’s forth challenge, Angel Reef, and the creation of the Atlantis Storm Shield. A volunteer living in the Florida Keys asked for help to restore a coral reef that was destroyed after a hurricane and global warming. Using the twenty acre reef as a key point it was seeded with hundreds of donated gold nuggets with the intent to bring life back to the reef. Within twenty-one days after the seeding of the reef, the coronavirus pandemic shut down the world and all boating activities in and around the reef stopped. The meditation group and dive team on the island used special laser wands to stimulate the electrons in the nuggets caught in crevices to germinate growth. Three months into the experiment fish have return to the reef and micro-organisms and planet life have begun to form.

With the on going success of the group and gold nuggets to help humanity Michaela issued the fifth and most ambitious challenge to date, May the World be as One.”  In 2020 with the virus hitting then rebellion in the streets people are beginning to wake up to all that we are told isn’t necessarily true. People make stuff up to fit their person agenda leaving others to suffer. This challenge has the power to free us all from negative programming and allow positive reasoning to end racism for those who have awakened.

The Science Behind the 4th Project:

What Michaela’s initial social experiment demonstrates is the phenomenon known as "the placebo effect" or "placebo response."

Only in the past few years have scientists developed the tools to directly investigate how placebos work with the human brain. It’s been found that a placebo causes the brain to release opioids, a chemical produced by the body to relieve stress, pain and sparks natural healing processes. Placebos improve a patient's condition simply because the person has the expectation that it will be a helpful cure or solve a particular problem. Many psychologists and neurologists believe that a non-invasive placebo actually distracts the conscious mind, allowing the subconscious brain the time it needs to secrete chemicals that will heal, and/or allow positive reasoning skills to kick in to problem solve. Studies have shown that placebos work 40%- 75% of the time, and in some cases they work faster than conventional treatments. The mental equation underlying placebos seems to be: mind over matter. or that perception forms individual reality.

The Test:

In this case, the elements Au/Gold, Ag/Silver, Cu/Copper and Quartz Crystal are infused stone nuggets enhanced with positive loving intent/energy. Yes, thought is energy and can be directed. (I won’t get into the quantum physics applied - just know that everything, you included, are made up of vibrating subatomic light particles and some those particles have conscious awareness that can have interaction with human thought waves and willpower.

To date over 11,500 Q-Gold beacons of prosperity have been placed in the United States and sixteen countries around the world. People are waking up to the true that positivity not negativity rule. We are no longer looking to argue and except that all will be known when our waiting is full. Will you except the challenge to place your unconditional love into one of Princess Michaela’s Quantum Golden Nuggets? With every nugget you pass your light and love will grow stronger.

The challenge projects are funded through public donations, business sponsorships and a Good Knight Golden auction held once a month on Facebook. An art designer and quantum chemist in her own right, Michaela oversees a production team that creates golden treasures using the Q-gold formula. These precious objects represent ancient artifacts like imagined lost “Treasury of Atlantis“ and are sold to the highest bidders. Proceeds received are used to create and place ever more beacons of unconditional love around the World.

I will post updates as the various projects move forward.  -  Sir Edward Michael Jagen