ATLANTIS RISING is a “Good Luck” empowerment system spreading ancient treasure of prosperity, wisdom, and love to people one gold nugget at a time, in a global treasure hunt. The treasure hunt engages enlightened individuals to search for recipients or places to leave one or more Electrum/Gold nugget packets with an instruction card on how to attract greater luck and prosperity into their lives and the environment.

There will be 144,000 pieces of treasure placed over the next year, with over 30,000 placed to date. Activated by sunlight, the nuggets are specially encoded beacons that radiate the energy frequencies of prosperity and peace of mind to the recipients or places they land. Bring Good Fortune to your area of the globe by delivering a miracle in time this year letting people know they are loved. Passing the gold is easy since the nuggets are individually packaged. Just walk up to a likely candidate, smile, hand them the gold packet and say, “This is your lucky day! Just follow the directions on the card.” Or say Happy New Year. Then walk away and don’t look back. Pairing human psychology with particle physics and healing light therapy research, the perfect vehicle has been created to deliver the legendary “Golden Touch” to those in need.


The Secrets Revealed instruction card provides nugget recipients with eight simple thought provoking reminders on how best to change energy and maintain a more positive reasoning mindset to clear the way for the ultimate reward in life. By holding one piece of Electrum treasure in direct sunlight, in a flash of golden yellow light the receptors in the eye receive a loving download of life-changing guidance as the eight secrets are revealed to the subconscious mind. Doing this for two weeks with positive intention and increased “Good Luck” will be the reward.

All the treasure pieces are being handcrafted for this campaign by a true wizard of positivity, a Master visionary of healing arts and celebrated humanitarian, Sir Edward Michael Jagen. After an awe-inspiring law enforcement career, Detective Jagen founded the Good Knight Child Empowerment Network in 1985. Dubbed the Blue Knight of Maryland by the governor, he went on to reach over twenty million children with his life saving child abduction prevention deception awareness programs worldwide. For his lifetime achievements Sir Edward was awarded the National Jefferson Award Gold Medal for greatest public service by a private citizen.

Science of the Mind: Using ancient wisdom gained, modern science, and technology Jagen offers us what he calls the gold coating, “Electrum Star Dust, the stuff dreams are made of, where recipients can hold a miracle at work in the palm of their hand.” The Electrum gold coating that covers the Sun Disc pendant and nuggets reacts to sun and/or laser light activating sacred golden rays that open the mind to receive life altering guidance. The goal is to give the Gold Nuggets to youth and adults who will share the good luck adventure with the whole family.”


SPONSORS ARE NEEDED to help spread the energy of Good Luck throughout the earth quickly the charity is seeking business sponsors to donate treasure boxes to schools, classrooms and community groups.

The standard box contains a Sun Disc pendant, a teachers guide and twenty-five Good Luck secrets revealed nugget packets. Retail value for the box is $675.00 but for this campaign it’s discounted at cost for $140.00.


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