Join the Massive Love Bombing of Taylor Swift and 144,000 of Her Fans in Miami this October!

We are beyond excited to invite you to be part of an unforgettable night filled with love, light, and positivity at Taylor Swift's Miami concert dates! Join us in a spectacular love bombing of Taylor and her fans by distributing Earth Heart talismans, creating a powerful ripple effect of joy and connection that will span the globe.

How to Get Involved:

1. Volunteer to Distribute Earth Hearts: - Sign up to hand out donated Earth Heart talismans during the concerts. - Help us shower Taylor and her audience with an explosion of unconditional love energy

2. Get on the Donation Heart Waiting List: Register to receive a donated box of 18 Earth Heart talisman to be passed at the event. - Embrace the magic and warmth of the Earth Heart.

3. Become a Golden Sponsor: Support our mission by donating $125 for each box of 25 Earth Heart talismans. - Choose to have the quantum gems shipped to your home to spread in your community, bring them to the concert to pass out, or choose our Swiftie volunteers to distribute them for you at the event.

How to Register: Click here to sign up as a volunteer, join the donation waiting list, or become a golden Love sponsor. Your involvement helps spread a wave of love and positivity at the concert and around the world.  And if you chose to sign up as a donor, click here to make your tax-deductible donation - Thank you!

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What is the scientific quantum use of a talisman in today’s society?

Since antiquity, talismans have enhanced users' cognitive and physiological capabilities. These artifacts operate on the principle that all electrons, inside and outside the body, possess a rudimentary consciousness, aiding human advancement. A talisman, in the form of a gold ring, silver cross, crystal, the Holy Grail, or the Ark of the Covenant, is imbued with potent mental intentions, whether benevolent or malevolent. Notably, Harmony Stones are designed to spread positive enlightenment and unconditional love.

Sponsorship Information:

Interested in sponsoring the distribution of Harmony Stones in your community? Let us know the quantity needed and the activation location. Reserve your Harmony Stones today!

Current History:

The Good Knight Quantum Research Alliance is on a mission to harmonize Earth's collective consciousness. Our research merges ancient alchemy with contemporary psychological physics. By blending intentional thought energy with gold, silver, and light particles, we’ve created a quantum Big Bang force field, turning intention into reality. This was discovered in the Great Pyramid.

Following Einstein and Tesla's theories that sacred sites form a global grid of awareness, our teams have placed 36,000 Electrum-infused stones in these locations to reactivate the ancient energy grid. Our journey climaxed on April 22, 2024, when a team entered the King's Chamber in the Great Pyramid of Giza. Armed with lasers, crystal skull transmitters, and Electrum Crystal Capstone transceivers, they formed a laser-crystal grid. When the capstones were set in the sarcophagus, a lightning burst from the ceiling energized them for a lifetime.

This golden energy now infuses all Harmony Stones, aiming to create a global grid of over 144,000 talismans. Join us in this mission to awaken a new era of positive consciousness and unity.

Special Note:

If you feel called to regularly activate Harmony Stones, join the Good Knight Research Alliance on Facebook for updates on urgent focus missions. Harness this universal “Love” energy in your environment today.

Past History:

For 45 years, our nonprofit has elevated youth awareness, educating them about the deceptions used by predators and extremists. Our certified Good Knight youth mentors have reached over 30 million families globally. Now, we aim to illuminate the world with the Electrum Light of positive reasoning and peace by activating 144,000 Harmony Stones worldwide.


See the Jefferson Award and America's Most Wanted news clips showcasing Good Knights in action.


Sir Edward Jagen at work in his studio, recreating the ancient treasury of Atlantis.  The Harmony Stones are the latest creation, aimed at making the power of the ancients both accessible and affordable.

To learn more about the other devices that have been created, please join the ERU's Ascention Tools group on Facebook.


Help seed the planet with positive reasoning by carrying Harmony Stones in your business or storefront. These might include metaphysical & rock shops, or holistic wellness practitioners, spiritual and Life Coaches, etc...

Order wholesale packets and become an ‘Outpost for Harmony’!


  • Go to our shop page, and choose the number of packets you'd like to purchase.  Sir Edward continues to craft new and updated energetic stones, so be sure to check back often for his latest creations!