Many of us think of Yoga as a great physical exercise that teaches us stretching and stress reduction.  We know it has roots in India, and probably has been around for a while. Maybe we think it is only for dancers, gymnasts, or –yes—GIRLS!  But guess what!? Triathletes, soccer, basketball, football and “players” of many sports do Yoga not only to strengthen and stabilize joints, stretch muscles and increase flexibility, but also to help them better focus on any task at hand.  Yoga, dating back many thousands of years, has one main purpose: to QUIET the MONKEY CHATTER of the MIND. A quieter mind means a better performance. 

 Classes are structured to allow for both an age and ability range.  Sessions open with poses to center and calm the mind, moves into slower warm up movements, building into standing poses, leading to a peak pose, and ending in cool down poses where we fully relax. Each day, we will repeat some poses, and highlight a different peak (spotlight) pose. HOW TO CORRECTLY do each pose as we move from one to another is key to achieving the many benefits to the body.  Most importantly, we want to feel both invigorated and relaxed!  Namaste


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