It was always part of Sir Edward Jagen's vision that the Good Knight Castle and Museum call those in need, those ready for transformation. Over the years the castle has hosted visitors from all over the globe in search of a deeper meaning, an answer to their purpose in life.

As the castle and its volunteers continue to grow and evolve, so does the castle, its mission, and its purpose.  From the first days as a museum to a Halloween exhibit, a site for weddings and gatherings, a summer camp, the Good Knight Castle has changed to fit the times.

Some of the current iniatives and changes underway for the castle's next evolutiton include:
- A Global WALK your TALK (Tolerance, Acceptance, Love and Kindness) to feature a walking path loop of the property with stops to experience the inspirational life, culture and story of great "knights" of all ages
- A permaculture garden, allowing students and volunteers to explore new and more sustainable gardeing methods
- A microschool, that allows students who desire more freedom and self-direction, to gather in the same safe and nurturing environment where they attend summer camp

...and more to come!