Are you a musician? A singer? Both? Creating your own music studio is a tool that can help you develop your talents, record your creations to share them with your friends and family and broadcast them to the world. This Camp WOW workshop will consists of five 15 minute sessions, and a manual will be provided that you can download to help you follow the sessions and refer to if you decide to pursue it.  The Sessions will include:

Session 1: Why set up a music studio? What are the benefits of doing it. 

Session 2: What you need to set up your own music studio. We will review the equipment you will need, what each thing does and where you can find it.

Session 3: How it all works. This will be a step by step process, how to connect all your equipment, which cables and wires go where, and present a flow chart that shows you the process from beginning to end, which will be the creation of your own CD with your own equipment. 

Session 4: How to record and master/mix tracks on a digital recorder and transfer them to your computer to save and make a CD. This will be a step by step process, which buttons to push, which faders to slide, how to move files around, etc.

Session 5: Demonstration of the process. We will record 2 tracks, master/mix them, wave them, transfer them to the computer, and make a CD of them. We will finish the workshop by talking about what you can do with your recordings, such as posting them on the internet. 


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